Dashing and Splashing!

17 Jun

I grew up cooking. I don’t remember ever not cooking, or at least helping someone cook. I remember when my mom would have to drag over a chair or kitchen stool for me to watch or to participate in some way,  while she  made fabulous meals.  My mom loves to cook, and has always been a great cook of everything.

Well, then I got the most brilliant idea, and decided to do my own cooking blog. It would be a place where I can blend my passion for writing, and my passion for cooking…  I began with great excitement and found an empty page.

Did I mention empty? Empty, and more empty?

In fact it was so empty it might implode upon itself, or worse, upon me.   I don’t know about you, but I am under the impression that empty blog pages don’t quite work. Here we go again. I can’t actually write the stupid recipe down, because there is no recipe! I always just throw things together, a dash of this, spash of that, You get the picture. 

An empty page, not a pretty sight. What a dilemma. Not only am I a very prolific writer by nature, (who would have thought, right?) but one who gets writer’s block from her own recipes.  That is just sad, so very, very sad.  Cue the violins and pass the tissues…sniff sniff.

I guess it is time for this non-conformist to show some discipline for the sake of sharing something we all love…food! I will do my best.

Have fun! I know I will.

Special thanks to my wonderful daughter for making the background picture for this blog!


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